Dragonborn are some of the strangest peoples of Enarion. thousands of years ago they were born from dragons eggs that were corrupted by human dragon cults. The first Dragonborn were as colourful as their dragon parents, but centuries of intermingling has somewhat dulled the colour of their scales. The dragonborn are organized into 5 clans, all of which live in the north. The clans are Black, Blue, Brass, Green, and Silver. (Vutha, Ulhar, Auraj, Achuak and Orn respectively)


Dragonborn are stronger than most due to their draconic ancestry. Like their dragon predecessors, the different clans have maintained the ability to use breath weapons. The Vutha use acid, Ulhar use lightning, Auraj use fire, Achuak use poison, and the Orn use Ice.

Dragonborn come of age quickly, and reach adulthood at around 16 years. They often live into their 80's, but rarely past their first century.

Dragonborn are generally a tall race. Most members stand at above 6', weighing in around 250-300 Lbs.


Dragonborn clans follow either Tiamat or Bahumut. This makes Dragonborn often follow an extreme of goodness or evil.


All dragonborn speak Draconic, and most can speak common.