Dwarves are relatively short, hardy folk. They excel in crafting in all varieties. It is often said that the best armour and weapons come from the dwarves in the Ironback Mountains. The dwarves hail from the Kingdom of Ironback in the South west of Enarion, but can be found anywhere there is gold to be had or things to be made.


Dwarves are born hardy as a result of their environment. The dwarves say they can jog from their mountains to the eastern coast without stopping. Most scholars agree that a 4500 mile journey without stopping is impossible.

Dwarves reach adulthood around 25 years of age, but are considered quite young until their 50th year. Most Dwarves can live into their 350's, with some notable dwarves reaching upwards of 500.

Dwarves are stout folk, rarely reaching above 5'. A notable exception being Einharm Frostbeard who was 5'7".

Dwarves have exceptional sight in the dark, being able to see just as well by dim light as a human could in full sun.


Dwarves tend toward Lawfulness, as their societies are close knit and well held together. An old dwarvish proverb states that "All should benefit where none should want."


Most Dwarves speak Common, as trade is very important. Every dwarf speaks Khazzad. Dwarves are usually known for sprinkling in colourful Khazzad language into their everyday common speak.


Dwarves generally come in two varieties, Hill and Mountain.

Hill dwarves

Hill dwarves spend more time in their mines, and as such are usually the shorter of the two. They are excellent miners and smiths, and produce the majority of Dwarvish wizards. Their clans usually form the backbone of a dwarvish kingdom, but have forged their own realms in days past.

Mountain Dwarves

Mountain dwarves spend more time out in the open, and as such are generally taller than their hill brethren. Mountain dwarves are known as skilled masons, as well as warriors. Their clans often form the ruling class of dwarvish society.