Elves call themselves the Vanya. Elves are said to have been in the world long enough that their libraries used to have written notices about the coming of the other races, down to the day. Elves are seen as universally beautiful, and as such there are many half elves. After the defeat of the Third Elvish Empire, the elves were pushed out of their lands to live in what is now known as Vanya'tol, or the Fair Isle. More on this topic can be found in Elvish History.


Elves can be differentiated from Humans fairly easily. Elves have pointed ears, slender bodies, and almond shaped eyes. An Elf ages at much the same rate as a human. An Elf is considered a child until they reach about their first century. Each Elvish woman can have only one child, and they must have them before they reach about their 50th year. Due to this, Elvish populations are generally quite small. Elves are said to be able to live forever, but the oldest known elf was 1685 years old.

Elves range in height from under 5', to over 6' tending toward the taller side.


Elves care little for the laws of Men, preferring the Chaotic laws of Nature. Due to their unique insight, being often very old, Elves tend toward goodness.


Elves speak a language referred to An'lammen, or the Long Language. An elvish proverb states that "A good conversation can last years, an argument, decades.". Most Elves also speak Common, a Humans have little patience to sit and listen for such long times.


To a human, Elves are all just Elves, but there are subtle differences recognized within their own ranks.

High Elves

High elves tend to group together in cities. High elves pride themselves in being skilled in many magics. Very few High elves spend time among the humans, as most still remember the days of war that generations of Human lives have nearly forgotten. They call themselves the Vanya'taurn, and follow a Patriarch known as the Iant'edan.

Wood Elves

Wood elves shun their High cousins' cities for a life closer to nature. They live in nomadic caravans, and are often more weary of Humans. Humans often see Wood elves as a good source of slaves, especially courtesan slaves. Wood elves tend toward natural magics, and follow an elder Mother known as the Cora'edainme. Each group of Wood elves have their own Cora'edainme. Wood elves refer to themselves as Vanya'nomo.