Halflings are a race related to, but unlike humans. They are known to be short, swift, cunning, and friendly. They prize good food, drink, and merriment above all else. Halflings can be found in many places, but all come from the Fernland area of the eastern kingdom of Quorid.


Halflings are quick on their feet, often using their small stature and speed to their advantage. In battles, they have been known to scurry between the feet of larger creatures to gain an advantage.

Halflings are considered adults when they reach about their 20th year, and can often live well into their 2nd century.

Halflings, as their name suggest, are very short in stature, reaching not usually more than around 3' tall, and about 40-50 pounds.


the vast majority of Halflings would be considered pure of heart, and lawful by nature. They rely heavily on their communities, and have little patience for those that would harm any good person. Those Halflings born and raised in cities on the other hand, often find that they are looked upon by the Bigfolk as mere children, and often grow averse if not hateful of them.


All Halflings speak Common, as well as speaking Halfling. Very little is know about Halfling as a language, as they are known to guard it from non halfling ears, and have little need to writing.


There are two bloodlines of halflings, Lightfoots and Stouts.


Lightfoot are, as name suggests, fleet of foot, and hide easily.


Stouts on the other hand are said to be descended from intermixing between halfling and dwarf, and as such are heartier than their Lightfoot cousins.