Humans are various and numerous within Enarion. of the 8 Kingdoms, a full 5 are run entirely or almost entirely by Humans. Humans are skilled in all types of calling, but often excel less then some of the other races. A very skilled human can make en excellent sword, but a fledgling dwarf could make a sword just as well.


Humans tend to be middling in all their traits. They reach adulthood around 16-18 years of age, middle age around 70-80 years of age. Humans rarely live into their first century.

Humans can range in height from around 4' (in extreme cases) all the way to about 7' (in extreme cases. They generally tend to range between 5'-6'. A tall human is anywhere above 6'.


Humans have no leaning to any particular alignment. Humans can be great benefactors and holy knights, Evil Dictators and corrupt beings, and anything in between.


Most human societies speak read and write in Common, but many learn the tongues of those they deal most with. It isn't uncommon to hear a human speaking elvish, Khazzad (dwarvish), or sometimes even Draconic. Most Demonic languages (infernal, abyssal) are feared by Humans, with he notable exception of many Wizards and Mages who use the languages in their study.


Humans as a rule vary little between different subraces. There are darker skinned Humans froms the deserts east of the Ironback Mountains, and lighter skinned ones from the Northern Isle.