Units of Measure

In common Human culture, as well as most others, A customary set of measure has been established. These are usually informal, but in matters of Trade, a buyer that uses a heavy pound for goods, and a light ounce for silver is a buyer that might soon be out of a job. A group of standard measures is kept in the Silver Tower.


Weights are listed (in order of size), grains, Drachm, Ounces, Pounds, Hundredweight and Ton.

Unit Abbr. Division Often used for...
Grain gr --- Powders,
Drachm dr 25 gr Cooking
Ounce oz 16 dr silver, gold
Pound lbs 16 oz foods
Hundredweight hwt 100 lbs creature weights, trade
Ton t 20 hwt Stone


Lengths are listed (in order of size) Inch, Foot, Yard, Mile, League

Unit Abbr Division Often Used For Travel Time

(assuming 30' speed)

Inch in or " ------ Small Measurements instant
Foot Ft or ' 12" Building (combat) 300'/min
Yard yd 3' Short distances (combat) 100yd/min
Mile mi 1000yd Medium Distances 25mi/day
League lea 5 mi long distances 5 Lea/day

Wet Volumes

Wet volumes are listed (in order of size), Dram, Ounce, Pint, Quart, Gallon, Barrel.

Unit Abbr Division Often used for
Dram dr -------- medicines
Ounce oz 8 dr alcohol
Pint pt 16 oz beer, mead
Quart qt 2 pt water
Gallon gal 4 qt ale, wine
Barrel bbl 30 gal wine, ale

Dry Volumes

Dry volumes are listed (in order of size), Pint, Quart, Gallon, Bushel, Barrel

Unit Abbr Division Often used for
Pint (dry) dPt Volume of 1lb Flour trade
Quart (dry) dQt 2 dPt trade
Gallon (dry) dGal 4 dQt trade
Bushel (dry) dBu 8 dGal grain, trade
Barrel (dry) dBbl 3 dBu trade